You Don’t Have to Go on Someone Else’s Adventure

We assume there is safety in following a set path.

There probably is.

So, we follow the set path.

We also miss out on a lot.

There is another reason we follow a set path.

Because finding your own adventure is like going on an adventure. And there is no surety that you will find it on then first try.

But to find your own adventure is not impossible. 

Find what you like and what you don’t. Then bet a few weeks or months on what you like and see where it takes you. It may be awhile but you’ll find what you really like.

When you find something you really like, you’ve found your adventure.

Now, use it to unleash hidden potential and unearth unimagined opportunities.

And, in the end you would have made a good life and created a lot of value for others.

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