Productivity Is Useless if You Use the Time You Save To Work More

There is more to life than work.

That is why it is not smart if we use time saved by being productive to work more.

Best to find work that is fulfilling and pays high enough that we don’t have to work outside regular hours.

For the modern workaholics the only solution to put it into practice is to schedule those hours you’ll save by being productive even before you’ve gained them.

Join a class to learn something new, be with those matters, pursue a hobby, rest and nourish yourself.

There are practical reasons to do it because constant work without rest or relaxation is harmful.

Even if you want to work for long periods of time thinking that you’ll accomplish more, know that after a certain number of hours the law of diminishing returns starts to apply.

And your output will not be much different if you are tired and try to work for 15 hours than if you feel fresh and energetic and have mental clarity and worked for only 5 hours.

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