Build Your Own Sanctuary. Your Mind Is the Best Place To Build It.

When COVID struck, the whole professional world was digitally transformed in a matter of days and weeks.

Companies that didn’t think they’d ever do it, embraced remote work.

Zoom became the thing.

There was no commute.

People were saving time and spending less.

There was no dressing up or getting ready to go to work.

After a long time, probably for the first time in their lives since they were kids, people were spending a lot of time with their loved ones.

They were cooking, and learning new stuff.

And except for the looming threat of the virus, life was good.

Then the Zoom fatigue set in.

And for those, who have kids at home, found they got almost nothing done when kids are around all day.

They wondered about the times when things were normal and kids used to be a school for a good part of the day.

For those who work with bosses, managing expectations became tougher.

Who did or are doing better in this situation?

Those who had a routine.

Those who set boundaries and who told others where those boundaries are. It is not easy but possible if you are creative.

So the life that seemed good did not feel so good.

Still, there were those who did well despite the changed circumstances.

Those who over-communicate. Telling this is what I did, and this is how I did it.

And those who were centered.

Those who built a sanctuary inside their mind. A safe and calm place where they could go to disconnect and find the balance that is impacted by the chaos around them.

They did this by meditating, sitting in silence and becoming self-aware, and finding what made them happy and what threw their balance off.

They also built a sanctuary inside their homes.

Even if it was just a corner in their bedroom.

A space carved for work.

They had a routine that is sacred.

And through all this, they found a mind that does not waver too much.

Only some have such a mind or natural disposition. But most have to work at it.

You can build such a mind if you tend to it as a gardener tends to her garden.

Nourishing it with sleep and rest and rejuvenating it with good thoughts and without overthinking.

Does the idea of building your own sanctuary like this interest you?

So that you can flow through the days, weeks, months, years, and life at ease.

Wish you’ll give it a shot.

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