Quiet Quitting Is Not New. Here Is the Good That Can Come Out of This.

Quiet quitting is doing the bare minimum at work to get by.

People have been doing it for a long time.

Only now, this concept is getting a lot of attention.

Employees are doing it because they want to ‘act their wage and not put in effort or time more than what they are paid for.

Some also do it because they want to take it easy and devote their energy elsewhere.

What if they did it intending to reduce their time working while giving the same results?

It will take planning, thinking, and some upfront effort and work, but it will make life good and efficient for those who are ‘quiet quitting’ and those who employ them.

Some entrepreneurs also do the bare minimum to coast along.

Such entrepreneurs will find it hard to grow and build a dream business.

So if you choose to be an entrepreneur, keep regular hours but commit to giving your best until your business succeeds.

Without it, your business won’t survive for long, especially if you are a small operator,

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