What if Creators Saw Themselves As Business Owners First?

Creators see themselves as creatives first.

What if they thought of themselves as business owners first?

With this thinking comes the understanding of what business owners do.

They create stuff to offer value and make profits in the process.

So if a creator goes with the thought of creating a creator business instead of just creating for the sake of creating, they will make stuff they can sell.

Creators must start doing this early because selling and running a business is an acquired skill, and it takes some time to get it right.

If you are not confident about selling your product right away, create something that can lead to a sale or prime your audience to buy from you.

You can announce that you are soon launching something exciting and ask people to show their interest by adding their info to a form or commenting on your post if you announce that on a platform like Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Have you tried profiting from your creations?

How did you do it?

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