Competition Is Real. Use It to Your Advantage.

There is hardly any niche or industry where there is no competition.

So unless you can create something patentable or novel, you’ll have other makers, creators, sellers, vying for your market share.

Is it bad news?


One – because having competition means there are takers for what you are selling.

And two – because you can use competition to your advantage. This is part not many people talk about.

Here is how?

First, identify what buyers don’t like about your competition. How do you find it?

By looking at the comments, feedback and product reviews on interwebs and on Amazon.

Through this also find out what it is that they (the competition) are not seeing it and fill those gaps.

Also note what is working for them and create another better variation of that.

This way you’ll keep your uniqueness, create something that’s better than what’s out there and win.

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