It’s That Time of the Year. Time for Self-Reflection, New Beginning, and Letting Go of What’s Not Working.

When early new year celebrations and hustle after coming back from holidays are behind us.

And we are in the groove, working but also have a certain rhythm to our days also.

Many christians around the world observe Lent around this time of the year.

It goes on for forty days, not counting Sundays,

There are traditions like that in different religions where people fast for a long duration of time.

All those are times for self-examination and reflection. 

30-40 days is also the perfect amount of time to pursue a new practice, build a new habit or start a project.

In most places across the world it is also the time when seasons are changing and spring is either already there or about to begin.

So, it is a good time for new beginnings.

Or also for letting go for habits that are not serving us well.

Starting tomorrow I am committing to start work on a new initiative first for the remaining six days in February and then for the entire month of March.

I also plan to give up sweet treats for this time.

What will you commit to, or what will you give for your own betterment?

You can choose to go to bed earlier.

Or build your presence on a new platform like Clubhouse by showing up every day.

One can also practice self-integrity, like keeping all promises made to self.

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