Daily Writing, 5 Lessons Learned

Some time back, I completed 1,500 posts on this blog.

And wrote a total of 1 million words in the process.

Of these posts, more than 1250 came in 3+ years of daily writing.

Here are 5 lessons I learned through this daily creation experience.

1. Start small. I began with a month-long daily writing experiment.

2. Build an idea swipe file. There will be days you’ll be tired or have something unexpected come up. This swipe file will help you in those times.

3. Schedule time to write. You won’t write if you don’t find time to write. Schedule it in your calendar or write in your notebook whatever works for you.

4. Write on topics you care about. Writing comes easy, then.

5. Document conversations and share lessons. You don’t have to write for the sake of writing. Document your conversations, and share what you are learning. Most of what you do, learn and talk about can be turned into content.

Hope that’s helpful.

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