How To Launch a Product or Service — Old vs New Way

Times change, and with them how we do things, and run a business also changes.

There are two ways to launch a new product or service.

One way is to prep first without knowing whether what you are launching will work.

Let’s call it the old way.

Old way: How most people launch something

  • Think of a name
  • Design logo 
  • Build website
  • Wait for the sale
  • Get frustrated
  • Wonder what to do now
  • Get some suggestions that running ads in the way
  • Run Facebook ads 
  • Get some sales, but the cost of ads is more than what is sold
  • Continue being frustrated wondering what’s wrong

Then there is another way, where you get an understanding of people’s problems and win the trust of people first.

New way: The time-intensive, low-cost, way to launch something

  • Choose 2-3 niches that you have a good understanding of
  • Pick one platform where your audience hangs out – Twitter and LinkedIn work for most
  • Post content around your chosen niches on a daily basis
  • See which type of content gets more engagement
  • Post more of such content
  • Try to solve people’s problems through your content
  • People start liking your content
  • People start trusting you
  • Many ask your questions
  • In the process, you create a community and identify the main problems to be solved
  • You launch a related offer (product or service)
  • Ask people to buy
  • Onboard beta users 
  • Get feedback 
  • Launch fully

One approach focuses on the pull, the other on the push.

Pull > push.

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