Don’t Rely on Only One Source of Revenue as a Creator

It takes a long time to make it as a creator.

For example, if you want to make it as a youtuber, you need a decent number of subscribers.

To get to 100k subscribers, you need anywhere from 150 to 1000 videos, for 1 million subscribers, you need 300 to 3500 subscribers. You can’t create those many videos in one day, it will take years.

So you can’t rely on what you create, to fund your lifestyle before you have done the work.

What to do then?

Build other sources of income.

Because you don’t have another source of revenue going while you do the work and create a foundation, you’ll find it tough to create consistently.

So what additional sources of revenues can be.

The simplest thing to do is to sel what you do as a service. You can do it as a video creator, writer, an artist or a designer.

You can also teach what you do to others in group environments.

This is wise because even when you start generating revenues, it won’t match the amount you need to support your lifestyle.

So multiple sources of revenue as a creator like ad revenue, speaking fees, a book deal, a group coaching practice, and paid newsletter, or a patreon will help you sail you through the times, it will take you to make it as a creator.

This will also speed up your success because each of the revenue streams will also build the attention for other streams.

It is a no brainer and something every creator must try, early in their journey.

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