How To Become an Expert in 2021 in 10 Simple Steps

If you are wondering what to do this year.

Then how about becoming an expert in something new this year.

It is easier than you think conceptually.

1/ Pick an area of niche you are interested in.

2/ Pick 5 top books on that topic and read them for 1-2 months.

3/ Write what you learned from each book in the form of 5 different articles.

4/ Publish them where your audience can see that.

5/ Using your learnings from the book as a foundation, continue learning every day.

6/ Record, note what you learn every day.

7/ Publish one article, or a video based every week, based on what you learn in the week prior.

8/ Alongside try a few ways to share what you are creating. These may be blog posts or videos. This can be an email list, Twitter, Instagram, Live videos on a platform where your presence is the biggest. Do this for 1-2 months and go all in on the platform that works for you.

9/ Launch a paid program and teach others what you learn. The idea is more than money, it is to make sure that those who are learning are serious.

10/ Share the wins of these people, on the platform you have built and get more people to learn with you.

After doing this for a year, you’ll know a lot more about your chosen topic than most people, and those who know you will see you as an expert.

And, you’ll also not feel like a fake because you’ll have something of value to give to people.

Even after this, continue learning, growing, and sharing what you learn with others.

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