[Writing Tools] That Are Super Useful but You May Not Have Heard Of

What are your favorite writing tools?

Anyone who is into writing professionally knows about Grammarly. Many know about the Hemingway App.

Many users of Grammarly don’t know that Grammarly also has a built-in plagiarism checker for pro users.

But there are many other apps that are equally useful and which a lot of people do not know about.

Scrivener is the top pic of many professional fiction writers, especially those working a book or similar kind of writing. Long for fiction writers also like Plottrapp.

Grammark can give a third opinion on your writing after Grammraly and Hemingway, and help you to spot errors and make your writing less wordy, free of passive voice and do a lot more.

I love Google docs and wrote both my books using it.

For Google docs users voice transcription feature is a god send. It gives you the same value a speech recognition software like Dragon gives you. You just open the doc and start talking after clicking ‘voice typing’ and it types fairly accurately whatever you say.

For MS Word users, the ‘read aloud’ feature is pretty useful. Where it read what you wrote to you.

Ludwig helps you find the perfect word or sentence to express your ideas. Use it when looking for some inspiration.

RoadResearch has been getting a lot of love for structuring ideas but it has a steep learning curve.

WritersDiet is useful for editing. And Coffeewriting.in for quickly writing a set number of words and rewarding yourself for it.

PowerThesaurus is a writer’s friend and WordHippo is good for finding synonyms.

Otter.ai is great for capturing your ideas on the go. Later look at them and edit to convert them into beautiful prose.

Otranscribe is a great free transcription offering. And, Rev offers transcription for those who want it done by pros quickly.

Airstory is great if you want to pull a lot of different media into your writing.

There are more but this should get you started.

Which writing tools do you use daily?

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