To Fix Problems in Business, Fix the Person First

This is true for most businesses.

Because most problems are problems of sloth, of inaction or sloppy and hasty decisions.

If we manage ourselves well, we’ll find time for taking impirant action. For everything that is important like hiring for getting help with what you don’t know, aren’t good at or don’t want to do, learning to find new ideas for growth and for doing all else that matters,

And when we manage ourselves, our emotions, we are never in a rush. We are able to think clearly and be centred when taking improvement decisions. Because when in business, one needs to take uncomfortable decisions. Staying centred helps us in setting boundaries and not getting affected by what’s going on around us.

Inflated ego can also take a business down, because with ego most of our decisions are a result of shiny object syndrome, and are about looking good and not based on what’s good for business.

The point is if you want to grow your business, work on your own growth first.

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