It’s Time to Reflect

We are in the 6th month of the year!

2019 is getting close to the halfway mark. This seems to be a perfect time to reflect on where you wanted to be at the beginning of this year and where you are and if some course correction is needed.

So what should we reflect on at this time of the year?

Wins you have had so far. Think about what worked and if you repeat some of it to win more.

Challenges you faced and how you dealt with.

Failures, what you learned from them, and how you can avoid the same mistakes.

Another important thing you can reflect on your habits.

Think about the new habits you wanted to create to help you on the path of growth.

Also, think about bad habits you wanted to break.

Once you are done reflecting, count your successes and failures and plan about what habits you want to adopt or nurture, and what habits you want to drop.

This reflection and course connection will make sure that you stay on course and reach the end of 2019 with many of your dreams fulfilled. Won’t you like that?

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