How to Generate 100 Content Ideas for Your for Blog Posts, Videos, Presentation or Book in Next 60 Minutes

Are you worried about finding content ideas?

Or you have ideas for content but are not sure if they are good enough?

Then start with a resource that we often ignore.


Look for the books in your niche.

Start with the obvious. The best sellers. Popular books that have stood the test of time and have refined thoughts of the author in a logical order.

When you search for your chosen terms you’ll also see hidden gold. Old books that have good reviews. They are not popular but you may find unique content ideas.

Pick 4-5 books this way and look at the table of contents using the look inside feature.

Use it to create your own outline. As if you are writing a book, even when you are not writing it. Make it as detailed as you can.

Then use that outline to create your series of videos or blog posts and any other form of content you want to create. This way instead of making random videos, you’ll make a set that offers a lot more value than a standalone video.

And, if you are smart about it, your single videos will also stand on their own. For example, my digital marketing book offers an end to end guidance about digital marketing. But if you are someone who wanted to only learn about content marketing, you could do that by reading the chapter on content marketing. Because that chapter offers tons of value as a standalone unit also.

To create an outline for a chapter, video, or blog post you can check out Udemy videos for classes where there are a lot of learners enrolled and reviews are good. This approach is good for finding inspiration for your outline because the creators of those courses have already invested time in creating a well-thought structure.

Now, go and use this approach to find your next 10, 20, 50, or 100 content ideas.

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