How To Use Content To Sell High Ticket Services

The process is simple.

Choose a theme/ niche and create high-quality content that serves the customers.

This piece is not about content creation so I won’t get into much except saying that content that solves all or part of your audience’s problem is high-quality.

Best sales-oriented content shares what and why, and you sell the ‘how’ part. 

The idea is not to hold back and share your best knowledge but still be strategic about what to share and what to sell.

Choose the format that leverages what comes naturally to you.

If you are a talker then video works great.

I prefer writing. And, this gets me invited to speak from big stages where the right influential buyers are in the audience. They reach out, discussion happens, and it turns into advisory and consulting opportunities.

For example, my writing like this with 800+ thoughtful comments, gets me invited to speak at credible platforms like once you can see below.

Such talks get powerful CEOs, top VCs, and executive tuned intro my message.

And it has an impact beyond that. For example, I turned the core message of my talk into a short piece on growth marketing for startups on my website, and also into a clip on Instagram.

All this generated interest from a wide audience base and resulted in signing significant client deals.

Another marketing predictions piece that I wrote was converted to a small book, and launched by LinkedIn at Asia’s biggest content marketing conference in the presence of several hundred top marketers in the industry. This work ended up being featured by leading media outlets.

Here is a nifty video that LinkedIn made based on this.

All these open flood gates of opportunity 🙂 and the virtuous circle of growth continues.

The beauty of leading with high-quality content is that you don’t have to try too hard. You just put your expertise out there, put some effort into distributing it, and sales become easy.

I wish you’d try it.

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