How To Save Yourself From Burnout?

The work you enjoyed earlier does not seem enjoyable anymore.

Your appetite has changed. Sometimes you are ravenous, and then you don’t feel like eating.

You don’t like talking to anyone.

Does it sound like you?

If yes, chances are you are facing burnout.

Here are some ideas to avoid such a situation.

1/ Don’t allow people to bother you at any time they choose. For this, don’t offer your phone number to everyone. Make all or most professional communication asynchronous.

2/ Ditch the shiny object syndrome. Try a few things, do them well, and do it for a long time until you have extracted all the juice from that one opportunity.

3/ Make time for rest, fitness, and healthy fitness. A well-rested body and mind that moves often will not experience burnout.

4/ Limit your availability. Carve time for yourself first and plug everything else in the rest of the available time.

5/ Don’t do it alone. Get help. Hire employees and work with a seasoned advisor to help you make big decisions.

6/ Don’t say yes to everything. Know what matters and use that as a filter to decide what can have your attention.

7/ Schedule regular breaks — daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

8/ Regular spend time with family and friends where you are fully present.

9/ Embrace a hobby and make time for it.

10/ Contribute to your community.

Try these and let me know how it works for you.

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