How To Start With Lead Generation

Start with a channel that you think will work best for you.

If you don’t know which one, ask someone who’s been in your shoes before.

Also, go for one that suits your budget.

Do you have more time or more money?

If you have more money – start with ads.

If more time – start with content creation.

Any one of these:

  • Words, (blog, Twitter) 
  • Audio, (podcast) or 
  • Videos

Don’t start with all of them because then you’ll master none.

Start with one and see if it works for you.

If it doesn’t, pick another one.

If it does, double down on it and see how far you can go with it.

Then add one more.

Become a master of two channels and get the most juice you can get out of them.

When you do this, you’ll move ahead a lot in a year or two, much more than if you tried doing everything all at once.

Good luck growing.

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