Want To Be a Better Marketer? Do the Self Test First.

Want to send that marketing email to your list?

Think if you received the same email would you read it or take action.

If you don’t click on ads inside apps, why do you expect someone like you to click those ads?

So next time you set out to write a tweet, social media update, email, or blog post; record a video or make a landing page, think twice if what you are writing, recording, or saying will get your attention.

If yes, that means it has passed the self-test and it is ok to take it out for the next test which is the audience test.

You can simply put this out to the test. 

Post a tweet, publish a video, or blog post.

But you can get a step if you plan to sell something.

Start with a low ticket offer, much like $27.

Then run an ad, by getting all parts of it right. Use a budget higher than usual.

And then aim to get at least 100 views on your sales page. Usually, it may take you up to $1000 to drive these many targeted visits.

If you get at least one sale, that means there are takers for your offer.

If not better create another offer.

Here again, for the ad, run the self-test and to avoid wasting time and money on the ad, see if there are takers for what you are selling organically.

Once you’ve done self-test 5-10 times it will become a habit.

A habit that will serve you well as a marketer.

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