3 Steps To Better Results

We work to get by.

We work to win.

But we don’t win always.

They say action is in our hands, but results are not.

Even then we can affet results, by changing how we go about taking action.

Here is an approach to get better results.

1. Subtract

Everything that does not take you towards your desired results. Add 80:20 to this and see which 20% will get you 80% results and spend your time on those.

2. Hack Your Environment

Make it so that it is conducive to you achieving results. If your core action is sales, then get tools that can help you make a lot of calls quickly. Organize your tools so that they are near you when you need them. Sunlight and lack of distraction will help almost anyone. Set it up so that there is no need to set up anything before you start.

3. Find the Path with Least Friction

Ask yourself what it would look like if it was easy. Will you need people to help you. A coach to guide you, or software to do the heavy lifting, which you put your creativity to use.

These three combined are enough to create enough results better that you’d achieve without them. And, you’d likely achieve them faster.

Hope you’ll try them.

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