Marketing is changing

old_vs_newMarketing warfare, Guerrilla marketing, Red-blue oceans; these terms ruled the corporate boardrooms for a long time. Now relationship is coming to the core and world needs a softer approach to marketing which includes more listening and implementing then telling people what the brand owners think is right.

Old New
Interruption Permission
Spam Opt-in
Customers Community
Budgets Ideas
Competition Collaboration
Mass Niche
Push Pull
Outbound Inbound
Launch and recall Create quality first and save on recall
Customers 1000 true fans
Features Experience
Secret product development Include potential users in product development
Mass + Web Web + Hand-held Devices + a little bit of other media
Pitch Story
1 message – everywhere 1 message, same soul but tone varied as per platform
Everything needs to look perfect Real is better than perfect (think customer testimonials in studio vs. in real life environments)

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