How to Become a Role Model for Others

This is not about showing off but growth.

It is about helping others but more about helping yourself. And, as a bonus, when you help others you feel good.

If you fancy becoming a role model for others here is what you do.

1. Invest in Your Growth

Unless you ace what you do you can’t inspire others. So invest time getting good at what you do. And if you are not ready to inspire others, then first inspire yourself by learning and getting 1% better every day.

2. Put Yourself out There and Share Your Knowledge

If others do not know about your work then how will they get inspired? It is important that you share your knowledge without holding back. If you want to increase your influence and impact fast then share your best knowledge.

3. Provide Encouragement to Others

When you get into a position where others reach out to you for your help, encourage them and instill belief in them they can do it and become really good at what they do.

4. Walk Your Talk

When you do what you said you would do, and then you make it really easy for others to trust you. This is also good for your personal integrity because when you do what you said you’d do, you start believing in yourself and your ability to keep your promises.

5. Be a Giver

Giving can be altruistic but it does not need to be. Even if you are logical, then also giving makes sense. In his New York Times bestselling book ‘Give and Take’, psychologist and Wharton Professor Adam Grant delves into research on givers, takers, and matchers (those who give and take equally). His research showed that giving more means getting more back and givers win by creating a supportive network of connections because their network helps in taking their cause forward.

It may be years before you become a role model for others but while you are on the journey you’ll see short term benefits. For example, when you learn and become really good at what you do, you’ll see bigger opportunities come your way, and you’ll also see the psychological benefits of helping others.

So big rewards may take time, but you’ll see small wins and they are all worth it.

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