Fastest Way to Grow Revenues for Your Service-Based Business

Kill customized proposals and offer packages with options, sell low price service first and tie what you sell to revenues. 

This approach works great for almost all service-based businesses whether you are in the business of making logos or selling social media services, writing, or making videos.

It also works if you are a professional creator.

It works because it’s a win-win.

You win because you don’t spend countless hours creating proposals with no surety of conversion. Instead, you spend it on prospecting which is even more important than sales.

Clients win because they get to try your work out before they make bigger commitments.

By tying your work to revenues you make it easier for clients because you give them a big why to work with you. On their own, clients are scared to decide because they themselves don’t know how your service will help them. You gotta do it for them.

All this is grounded in human psychology and how we choose.

Why Offer Packages With Options?

By creating packages you not only reduce work for yourselves but also bring ‘price anchoring’ into play. When you just give your clients a proposal with a single investment they tend to compare it with what other firms are doing it for. When you give them two or three options then compare your A price with your B and C prices. This way you avoid client objections like your services cost way higher than other agencies down the road.  

Why Sell Low Priced Service First?

Because before you win a client’s business you need to win their trust. By offering a low price service option you make it a no-brainer for them to work with you. Once that’s done and they are no longer a prospect but a paying client you win them over with the awesome experience and high-quality delivery.

Why Tie What You Sell to Revenues?

Unless you sell custom art for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals who get art, chances are most of your prospects won’t be able to understand the value of your services, especially when there are players offering what you sell at a fraction of your prices. To get this part right may take longer than building packages of your service or finding a lost cost variation of your services to sell first, but it definitely worth it. A good starting point for this is to ask yourself how will your customer’s revenues be affected if not for your service.

Hope you put this strategy into practice, perfect it by trying it multiple times and see your business grow super fast.

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