3x3x3: The Framework To Grow A Career Or To Become An Expert In A New Field

This the need of the hour.

We need to upgrade our knowledge and skills every year,

And need to reinvent every 5 years to stay in play.

There is no workaround.

But we can be strategic about how we do it.

Enter 3x3x3.

It’s a framework I suggest one can use to upgrade themselves every year and also to reinvent themselves.

First the upgrade.

Choose a time of year when you schedule 3 hours for 3 days in a week for 3 months.

It is not too tough if you spread it across 2 days during the weekend, one evening on a weekday.

Use this time to learn, whatever you think will keep you sharp and stay ahead of the curve.

This way you’ll be allocating 3 hours x 3 days a week x for 3 months or a total of 108 hours (~100 hours) for intentional learning, in a year.

Spend the rest of the time to implement what you learn. Schedule these hours at the same time every year.

For the year when you are going for reinvention spend 3x the time of the time, you invest for an upgrade which will come to equivalent to 100 hours a month. 

Schedule this time and you won’t have to fear being left behind.

You can use this same approach to enter a new field and establish your expertise there.


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