Avoid Setbacks After a Period of Disciplined Triumph

In celebrating our success, we often lose some of our advantages.

Like how, to celebrate a period of eating clean, we do a cheat day and hog.

To celebrate a period of waking up early, we sleep in late.

And how after a period of discipline, to celebrate we break that discipline.

How about we retained our advantage, when celebrating our success, and built on it to move forward, and rewarded ourselves with something unrelated.

Reward yourself for a period of eating clean by meeting a close friend.

Don’t sleep in late after waking up early for days. Instead go for a hike as a reward.

We indulge at times because we are bored. So to avoid the craving for indulgence, keep things exciting by changing certain things, without breaking the routine.

It is easier said than done, because you can only reward yourself with something unrelated that does not set you back, if you love the new habit, practice or discipline.

It is also a test of how well the new habits are ingrained in your life so much that you do not want to go back to old ways. So, adopt new habits so that you don’t have to force yourself to stick to what you do.

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