Curse of Busy

Being busy is good, until it isn’t.

Being busy is good because it keeps your mind off from evil things.

And being busy helps when you are starting out, because we learn by doing.

But once you have learned the foundational skills, then growing is just a matter of synthesising what you already know, and adding something new to the mix once in a while.

Synthesis happens through leisurely exploration, and by learning new things that you mix with old. Being busy is opposite of leisurely exploration and learning, so being busy is also opposite of growth. There may be some growth, but nothing out of the ordinary by being busy.

When you get to a point where you are enjoying a smooth ride, start valuing your time more than anything. First sell it to the highest bidder, and then come to a point where you don’t have to sell it. Where you own your time. Even when you can do it all the time, do it most of the time. Spend money to save time if you have to.

And, once you are free and you own your time, and if you are disciplined and intentional with your free time, you will start getting back value, in the form of interesting ideas, and innovative pursuits and unimaginable growth. 

And, more than anything, immense satisfaction of spending your time the way you want.

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