A Simple Way to Start Your Side Hustle

Help someone with something you love doing.

That’s how my book coaching business started.

I loved writing and wanted to write a book.

I continued exploring and learning more about it.

I used what I learned to write two books, the second one in an unusually fast manner.

So, I wrote those books and had friends who reached out to me, to get my help for their books. I did that.

Before all this, as luck would have it, even before writing the books, I got to work on one of Amazon’s first global publishing imprints. That improved my understanding of the business and book publishing process.

That was me, and you don’t have to have such experience to start your side hustle.

You should just know, just how something is done. And then, do it for someone or help them with it, without charging anything. Once you have some proof that what you do works, go out to a bigger audience and do the same for or with them for a payment.

That’s your starting point and the only way to go from there is forward and upward.

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