Attracting Opportunities

Opportunities in the market are ever-increasing.

Everyone does not have those opportunities.

They come to select few who attract them.

Attracting opportunities is simple.

Anyone can do it.

You definitely can.


Decide the kind of opportunities you are after.

Find who holds those opportunities because different people control all of them.

See where they hang out.

Start hanging out in the same place. 

Don’t interrupt them.

Just say hello and become friends with them.

And then go back to doing your thing.

If you show up daily, do exciting things and share with others, some people who hang out there will take note.

A crowd, a tribe will form around you, who will tell others.

This tribe will continue to become more significant.

And nodes in that tribe, who have opportunities, will send those opportunities to you.

For scale and efficiency, do it on the internet.

And experience, abundance, without worrying about luck or timing.

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