A Simple Review And Planning System For Founders, Creators, And Professionals

Founders have a lot on their plate:

  • Working with and managing team
  • Working with customers and making sure they are happy
  • Ensuring there is money in the bank
  • Hiring for growth, onboarding, and hand-holding
  • Firing
  • Learning
  • Connecting
  • Living life and dealing with what comes with it

Most founders are also ambitious or are adventurous explorers.

They want to do/explore a lot of things.

But there are limited hours in a day.

And thighs fall through the crack.

That’s ok. 

But what’s important and what matters should get done.

Here is a simple approach to ensuring that what matters most gets done.

Do weekly and monthly reviews and plans.

Not the exhaustive kinds. You can do them if time permits.

But the simple kinds.

For review, answer these two things:

1) What I wanted to do
2) What I did

For plans, answers these three things:

1) Need to do
2) Want to do
3) Committing to do 

What you commit to is probably the most important here. Because if your commitments to self are well-thought-out and you do all you commit to, your commitment muscle or resolve will become stronger.

And, week on the week, your confidence in your abilities to follow through on your plans will become stronger.

You will have momentum that will spread to other things.

And, there will be more happiness and satisfaction than frustrations and anxieties.

Who does not want that?

So give it a shot if you are stuck and looking for a way out.

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