Anything Is Possible

David Allen once said, “You can do anything, but not everything.”

Once you choose what your ‘anything’ is, then anything is possible.

See, there is a gap between reality and dreams, what we have and what we desire.

And, we can fill this gap by applying enough focus, energy and time.

Challenge is that all of these are limited.

By we can transcend these by honing them one by one. Through meditation, eating right and working without the distraction on projects that make us fulfilled and help us get in the state of flow.

Even with this, there are physical limits that apply.

Then how do we really take a shot at really big goals that we have? We need collaboration and collective brain power. And, because we live in the 21st century, we can get a lot of help from technology.

That is how big tech has emerged and companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are thriving.

So if you notice that there is a big between your reality and your big dream then apply collective power of mind, body, and focus, and use technology where you can.

To apply tech, you need to understand it. This is why hacking is a solid skill to have irrespective of the field you work in. With online schools like Lambda there is no reason to not learn it.

But we start with ourselves.

So, now we know, anything is possible 🙂

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