Choices we make: Organic vs Made Up Synthetic Stuff

It is possible to make things up in life.

Synthesise stuff.

This made up, boosted stuff works fine in the world of wants we live in.

Plastic, chips that are all around us and clothes that we wear are there as a result of synthesis.

Same thing happens when a brand runs ads to grow. This is an ok choice in a competitive market where another brand is doing the same. But this is not the only way to grow.

Most of the marketing and advertising is all about this made up stuff. It does not work all the time. And, when a part of market is suffocated by systematic push, brands resorts to stories and communities. That’s why you see content marketing rising.

Cut to the world of needs where we only buy, eat or do what is needed.

In that world, organic is a better choice.

It is especially true for matters of body, mind and soul.

Organic is the way to go for relationships and bodies. For relationships not pushing for set outcomes works. For bodies also we need to feed to survive and have ample energy unless we WANT to go for six-packs.

This is a choice we need to make. History tells us that we will continue moving to the world of wants for a long time before we realize that fulfilling our needs is much more fulfilling and easier.

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