Do This To Take Your Content to More People on LinkedIn: A Simple Strategy

If you’ve been on LinkedIn recently, you would have seen people posting content and getting hundreds or even thousands of likes on their content. 

The content you see getting 100s of likes must be getting tens of thousands of impressions.

Can you do this?

Especially if you have a small following and haven’t been very active on LinkedIn,

Like one of the two global brands we recently started working with, on their LinkedIn growth.

It seems daunting at the outset.

And you’ll think you’ll need some superpower to do it like that.

But a part of this is happening because of a demand and supply mismatch.

Because most people on LinkedIn are in jobs and are being watched by their employers, they don’t post freely. 

So only a tiny fraction of LinkedIn’s global 830 million users are creating content. The rest are lurking, consuming, and engaging.

So this is a big opportunity for you or any creator.

This does not mean you’ll post anything; floodgates of audience and impressions will open for you. 

You have to publish engaging posts and make some efforts to get visibility in the early days.

But you can do it if you approach it with a plan.

The key is to get early views and engagement with your content.

The simple plan for higher visibility on LinkedIn

One of the simplest ways to get early visibility on your content is to tag someone you know and ask questions about your post.

This will notify them and likely bring them to your post, and if your post is interesting enough, it will get them to post a reply.

Do this with every post, and you’ll start seeing early traction.

Now, if you tag the same person, your best friend or colleague, all the time, they will start ignoring your tag, and your strategy will not be effective.

That’s why it helps to have a long list of people — to tag in your posts.

To start, list about 50 people you know through common groups and tag one every other day or daily. That way, you’ll only be engaging with 3-5 people in a week. And, it will only be after 10-20 weeks that you’ll tag the same person again. 

For good effect, we’ll be rebooting and adding to this list. So, anyone who does not engage with your tag, remove them from the list.

How to build a good engagement list for LinkedIn

  1. Make a list of people from your memory.
  2. Next, go to each group you are part of and add to the list people you’ve engaged with in the past, who’ve helped you, or you’ve helped them.
  3. List past colleagues and clients
  4. By completing steps 1-3, you should easily have a list of 100+ people.
  5. Now go to LinkedIn and list everyone with a profile – about 25% may not be there or have an inactive profile, so exclude them from your list.
  6. Finally, go to each person’s profile and message them to say hello. Keep them on your engagement list if they actively engage with others and their content. This step is crucial because we want active people on the platform, and if they engage with others, they will engage with your content by force of habit.

And, just like that, you would have built your engagement list.

Now start tagging them in the comments of your posts one by one.

Don’t stop here.

Continue posting consistently with high-quality posts with good hooks, engaging content, stories, and proof of results — focused on serving a particular niche.

And, in a year, likely sooner, you would have built an inbound audience and customer engine for whatever you create.

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