When Is A Project Done?

If someone else assigns you a project then there is a deadline to guide.

And, you push yourself to deliver by that time, knowing well that someone’s money and reputation is on the line.

But in case of self assigned and self paced projects, finding the right moment to assess completion of a project is difficult.

There can be two thoughts about a project that you have worked on for some time.

Create a self assigned deadline and deliver it by that deadline without worrying about the quality.

Or you can be at the other end where you never feel done. When you think that there is still room to improve. In such a situation, you can be too hard on yourself.

A smart way is to find the middle path. Don’t sacrifice quality but set some ground rules for when you’ll consider a project done.

Here are some ideas.

When you are no longer afraid of it.

When you are ready to send it out in the world, knowing that it is good enough.

When you stop seeing it your dreams.

When you have done enough to make it the best you can in a limited time frame.

When you address critical feedback and those who gave you critical feedback tell you that is better now.

And even after you complete something and consider it done and it comes back to pull you in, just get away, take a break and do something totally different or new.

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