Are You Stressed? It Might Be Due To Your Relationship With Time.

Relationship with time

Have you found yourself getting angry at a loved one?

Was it because you were one with your phone or you were head down working on a project that needed your attention?

Work and connections with the world are important but people at home are more important. Then why are we not able to offer our presence to our family who is near and dear?

The Feeling of Being Time Poor

It might be because we don’t have enough time to do all we need to do. We are time poor.

Sure, stress can be there due to other issues but feeling time poor is one big cause of stress. It reduces our ability to be present and to respond with an ease that is our true nature.

Time is running. It’s the truth. We can’t do anything about it. What we can do about is how we relate to time.

The need to do a lot is fine. Getting bogged down by this responsibility of doing right by everyone is not fine.

Then How to Change It?

Here is how.


Create windows of quiet time in your day. Even if it is for 2 minutes stop and take a step back and sip water. Start with one such window and then add more.


It will make your calmer and less rushed. This will show up in your response when someone who loves you calls your name.


Next time, when you lash at someone, think about why you did that. Get up and go to that person with a big smile (even if you have to force it). Smile and be there even if you don’t/can’t say anything.


This is easier said than done but is worth it. Deep work within set boundaries (a start and end time) can work magic for our sanity and the output we create.


Give it to someone else (delegate or ask for help). Start with 80:20 in mind. Ask yourself which part of your work brings the most value to you. Do more of that. You will create more time, find joy and also be more effective. And, who doesn’t want to be a 10x human?

Now stop what you are doing. Put your device aside. Bring a smile to your face. Soak in the joy. Look at the person next to you. Get up and pour yourself a glass of water. Drink it one sip at a time. Savor life and the fact that you are alive.

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