Find Inspiration In The World

First, there was nature.
Then we arrived.
And, we created the world we live in bit by bit.
Everything we see around is our collective creation.
It’s surreal.
So, whenever you feel stuck with your limited knowledge, skills or experience,…

Regrets and Actions We Didn’t Take

Most of our regrets are due to actions we did not take.
Many a times, we don’t act because a particular action appears difficult, unpleasant or scary.
Or in many cases, we don’t act because of plain laziness.
None of…

Why I Blog?

Blogging takes time.
It takes mind space.
I do it because I want to do it.
I do it because I enjoy creating meaning out of words.
I do it because I can do it for now.
Tomorrow it might…

Learn To Pace Yourself

Pacing skills are among the most critical a runner can develop.
By pacing well, a runner avoids early burnout or injuries and completes a race. This is also how a runner sets a personal record.
Pacing is no less important…

Asking For Help

We need to ask for help to get it. Whether we get help or not depends on how much the person we asked is interested in helping us, and also on how we asked. I talk about 'how we ask' part in this article.

How Did It Turn Into A Nuisance?

Mobile phones are getting powerful by the day.
Bigger memory, better cameras, increased applications with every new launch.
These improvements will go on.
But we need to be mindful of what these improvements are doing to our minds.
Is a…