Leading With Empathy: The Art of Making Difficult Hiring Decisions

For an agency owner and for any entrepreneur, few decisions are as challenging as hiring. 

Your choices directly shape the culture, and how efficient and successful your business will be.

It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, every piece must fit just right.

But we are all human and humans make mistakes, including hiring the wrong person sometimes. 

In such moments, remember that these missteps are just part of the journey and accept that you made a mistake.

It can be tough to let someone go, but it’s often the best course of action. 

You might feel guilt or worry about the consequences, but it isn’t fair to either party to keep an employee who isn’t a good fit.

An employee who isn’t right for your business might struggle, impacting their confidence and professional growth. 

This mismatch will also affect the harmony and productivity within your team. 

On the flip side, it could be a cultural misfit, an incompatibility with your agency’s values, or work style.

Remember, a person needs the right environment to flourish. When an employee is not in sync with their role or your agency’s culture, their potential becomes stifled. 

Letting them go will allow them to look for a place and role where their skills and persona fit better.

So, as challenging as hiring decisions can be, they also offer a unique opportunity. This an opportunity to shape your agency, cultivate a strong culture, and above all, lead with empathy. 

For the good of your business and your team, make these tough choices with courage and understanding.

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