Connect to Help

Listening to someone is a big support to them.
If you are at home due to changing times and practicing social distancing then reach out so that you don’t feel isolated.
So that you are connected.
So that you find…

Make Your Business People Ready

Do you run a company that has under 10 employees now?
Do you want to grow it?
Then you can help yourself by planning for this growth.
By setting up systems so that you are ready to hire, onboard…

Making Sales Simpler

Sales become simple when we start giving solutions to our customer’s problems.
In real life, there is no single big event where it happens.
It happens in phases, at different times, through different media.
There are a few big levers…

Empathy Is Bigger Than Technology

I had been helping a friend guide through the creation of the landing pages for her startup’s search marketing campaign.
The developer who is working on these landing pages hasn’t gotten the pages right despite multiple rounds of feedback.

Don’t Sell, Solve Problems

What is the biggest challenge for an entrepreneur who has yet not made it?
Lack of new business.
Are you facing this challenge of low or no business?
If so, what if I told you there was an approach that…

Two Layers of Entrepreneurial Success

Imagine entrepreneurial success as a core that you find when you peel two layers.
The first layer on top is the intellectual layer.
You don’t need huge intellectual depth to create a successful business.
It helps but it is not…

Training vs Doing

Amateurs do and professionals train.
Both spend the same time but returns vary a lot.
Because professionals train with a deliberate focus on improving specific parts, whereas amateurs just spend time and feel happy because they are regular.
Of course,…

We Can Do Anything

If we are willing to not be entitled. 
If we are willing to be practical.
Being practical means being true to your situation and personality.
And, not do something because someone else became successful or famous doing that.
Being practical…