Last Minute Finish Is Still A Finish!

The sticklers for time don’t appreciate last-minute completion of tasks.
They think those who do things last minute are not organized and are the ones who don’t complete what they have to because they procrastinate.
But to you, the person…

Success Is Not Linear

Success is like weight loss. It’s never linear.
And, you don’t need to follow a particular formula to succeed.
You can either choose the slow path to success which builds character, or the fast path where you burn cash and…

How To Go Big After Initial Success

A client in the UK specializes in growing cash flow and profitability for established businesses and has helped ventures doing up to £40 million in revenues.
Now, he wants to grow his venture, increase the scale of his impact, and…

Trinity of Success

I found this trinity in 3 different videos I watched today.
# Gratefulness
I was watching ScoopWhop’s Town Hall interview with Zoya Akhtar.
There the interviewer asked a question Zoya a question, “Does Ranveer Singh have Redbull in his veins…

Power Of Repeatable Templates

Designers create assets, workflows, and repeatable templates.
This allows them to deliver quality quickly at lower than the usual costs.
The benefits of repeatable templates are not limited to designers.
You can use writing templates as writers and reduce your…

Process Over Goals

Everyone who cares for growth cares for their goals.
I agree that goals, that is knowing where you want to go are important for progress.
But there is something else that is more important.
PROCESS or the series of actions…