The Rise of the Solo Success Story

In the past, people assumed that a solo player can’t be very successful.

Solo workers, therefore, were often seen as incomplete or lacking in achievement.

However, times and perceptions are changing.

Today, individual creators and entrepreneurs have shattered this belief with their success.

Million-Dollar, One-Person Businesses are no longer an anomaly.

In the US, the number of nonemployer firms with no employees except the owners that hit $1-$2.49 million in revenue rose to 41,666 in 2018, according to Census data, up from 39,494 in 2017 and up from 26,744 in 2011.

When the data for 2022, 2023, and later for 2024 comes out this number will be even higher, riding back on the success of digital-only business.

I’m sure the trend is the same in other countries, with digital technology as an enabler of growth and distribution.

Equipped with the internet’s power, solo entrepreneurs now have the capacity to reach a global audience, all while working from their living rooms.

These solo trailblazers are proving that individual effort can yield tremendous success. They’re not just matching, but often surpassing, the achievements of larger groups.

That said, societal acceptance isn’t universal.

Traditional people, like most of our neighbors and relatives, still cling to old views of success. 

They fail to recognize the rise of the solo worker, out of unfamiliarity or a reluctance to change.

But in the end, it’s crucial to remember that success isn’t measured by the number of people on your team, but by the impact and value you create.

So, whether you’re part of a crowd or a solo player, remember – success has many faces, and one of them could very well be yours.

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