Trial By Fire

In 2015, I conceived, published and sold the first print run for a 100,000-word book in less than 5 months. I had never done something of that scale before.
In 2017 LinkedIn chose me to be one of their 10…

The Best Career Tip

Start creating.
Words, video, voice, all are fine.
The form does not matter.
Do it for yourself but do it publicly.
That i.e. publish what you create.
Don’t worry if no one sees what you make at first.
It’s a…

The Stories in Our Heads

We create our world inside our heads through the stories we tell ourselves.
In a way, we are blessed.
Because we have the power to create a world that we want to live in, inside our heads. It doesn’t matter…

Last Minute Finish Is Still A Finish!

The sticklers for time don’t appreciate last-minute completion of tasks.
They think those who do things last minute are not organized and are the ones who don’t complete what they have to because they procrastinate.
But to you, the person…