Back to Old Ways

The current chaos in the world has brought us back to living life the way we used to decades ago. Making do with less, doing our chores ourselves, eating at home, not traveling for fun every day, even those who…

Beyond Money

Money arrived a long time after humans first appeared on earth. It was invented as a storage of value, that we exchanged with someone to get stuff. Over time, its storage signified power, security and prestige. That’s why everyone wants…

Speed is Paramount

Movement is life, stagnation is death.
During the times, when things around us are not moving at their usual pace we need to move fast.
That is the only way to not lose the momentum that many of us spent…

Let’s Get Stronger

These are the times to get stronger.
When we become strong we also become resilient.
We can work on our strength on two planes.
Physical and mental.
Many of us ignore both.
Some take care of the physical part.

Signs of Life

Seeing people walk by, honking vehicles, people talking, shouting, fighting and are all signs of life.
Now all these signs a gone because of the times we are living through.
That’s why life does not seem normal.
It is our…

Time For A Posture Shift

It’s ok if you lived your life reacting to the priorities of others.
Now is, probably the only time in our lives, when that reaction can slow down.
Now is the time to take ownership of how you live through…

Break The Chain

Today I started my workday later than usual.
Whenever I do that the day tends to linger on, and I get a little done.
If this late start happens on a day when there is a lot on my plate…

Proactivity is a Competitive Advantage

It helps.
Whether at work or in life.
When you are proactive, you create or control a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.
To be proactive, you need a combination of attitude and planning.