Why Sleep Trumps Netflix When You’re Overworked

You’re tired. You worked all day. Your mind screams for a break.

Maybe you think of watching that new Netflix show. It’s tempting, right? But consider this: Choose sleep instead.

Here’s why.

Sleep is your body’s reset button. It’s like plugging your phone into a charger. Your body needs it to function well.

Imagine you’re a car. You’ve been running all day, using up fuel. You can either fill up the tank with gas (sleep), or you can drive around aimlessly to distract yourself (entertainment). What happens if you choose the latter? You run out of gas even faster.

Entertainment is like a detour. It diverts you but doesn’t fuel you. You laugh. You cry. You escape for a bit. But once it’s over, you’re back to square one, maybe even more tired.

Take Jena, a busy mom and office worker. One night, she was super stressed and had more work to do. She faced a choice: watch her favorite TV show or sleep. She chose to sleep. The next day, she felt refreshed and finished her work twice as fast.

Choose sleep. Your body will thank you. Your future self will too.

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