Convert Zero-Sum Assets to Positive Sum Assets

As soon as you can.

What are zero sum assets?

The ones you created out of zero sum games.

Like celebrity and social media following.

Because social media fame or someone’s celebrity status is fleeting.

It is there today. May not be there tomorrow.

That is why I say social media is great, it is not the greatest.

You know what is greatest?

Your own assets.

That’s why, convert your social media following, your name, and fame to real assets as soon as you can.

Don’t wait to amass a following like Kylie Jenner first.

Start early, to sell, to partner to, to get value out of whatever you think are zero-sum assets, the ones you think won’t last.

Of course, don’t be selfish and give a lot of value first.

If you are not ready to sell yet, build a community where you can interact with your audience in a private space. Start with as simple as a Facebook group, or use a hosted platform like Discourse or MightyNetworks.

The lesson here is to leverage social media and your name and fame to build real assets that can put food on the table or money in the bank.

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