You Are Powerful If You Own Your Priorities

You don’t need to be in a particular place or do a particular kind of work to own your priorities.

People want to do business over being in a job because they think being in a job is a proxy of being free or being your own boss. Those who go into building a business with this mindset often find it the hard way that it is not true.

You can be in a job and have the aforesaid power and get to decide your own hours and the way you work or projects you choose to work on. You can be running a business and have your life controlled by customers.

To achieve this power you need to cultivate space where you can build leverage.

In a job, you create this space by becoming efficient at what you do and also becoming skillful at what you do at work. You then use that space to go the extra mile and erring on the side of making mistakes instead of worrying and not taking action scared of what getting fired. You may not get it right the first time but eventually, you’ll.

In business, you get this space and The Power through extraordinary efforts to build dependable systems for each part of the business be in the product (delivery), people or growth.

You don’t need someone special to find this power. The question is will you make the effort today without any immediate results, for the leverage this effort will create for you tomorrow?

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