Wholesale Change Is Exciting But Not Practical For Most of Us

Announcing big goals, doing everything for 2 days and then dropping the ball, is how it goes for most of us.

We decide to change when we know something is not the way it should be.

So, we know that the change will help us then why we are not able to stick to the big resolution.

Because we approach the change the wrong way.

There are many right ways to approach change. 

One of them is to make a small change and use it to see the effects of that change. Then make another small not so uncomfortable change until you reach where you want to be.

For example, if you want to eat right during winters then it may not be possible to switch to an all-raw diet but you can easily add a salad bowl to your meal or eat fruit as an afternoon snack. That’s the start once the weather changes you can add more raw and fresh food to your diet.

If you want to transform your business then you can start writing a new pitch for a new service or product you want to experiment with. 20 such tests and building on what works will drive big change for you without much pain.

It may not be as exciting as making a big investment in your business or going all raw with your diet but it will surely get you on the path.

Do you think this approach will work for you?

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