Writing 101

1. Start with a shitty first draft.

2. Create an outline first.

2. Write non-stop until you finish days quota.

3. Don’t edit while writing.

4. Don’t skip editing because editing makes your shitty draft, good writing.

5. Use apps like Grammarly and Heminway for the first and second round of edits respectively.

5. Write for one person.

6. Use simple words that one does not have to look up.

7. Cut all fluff during edits. Which usually is 50% or more of shitty first draft.

8. Red out loud what you write to hear what it sounds like. If it sounds right, it will read right.

9. Always keep gathering writing prompts and ideas so that you never have to start from scratch.

10. Expose yourself to different ideas, for this read, meet people, and observe.

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