Effortless Achievement

For effortless or minimal effort in achieving anything significant pick a goal that you genuinely care about.

And then you’ll figure out how to find the courage, discipline and systems to achieve that goal.

Corollary to this is, what you work on is more important than the skill set, experience and other things that are associated with success.

So spend a ton of time, a lot more than is considered normal to find what you really care about.

How to Find What You Care About?

In some cases you may already know it. Consider yourself lucky if that’s the case. And don’t ignore what you know in your heart. Do it.

Otherwise, keep yourself free to think, tinker, explore and observe. Don’t keep yourself busy with consistent doing and over time you’ll find what you care about.

It may be months, a year or even years before you find it but in the end it will be worth it.

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