When You Are Winning at One Thing, Embrace Failure at Something Else

In fact, it is one of the best approaches to build bigger success on top of a small success.

See the best time to fail at getting your dream job is when you already have a job.

The best time to fail at getting healthier is when you are already healthy.

The best time to fail at building a cash flow cushion for your business is when you already have some cash in your bank account.

The best time to fail at becoming a success in a new field is when you are already successful in another.

The areas in which you are already winning provide you a cushion against the falls and failures in other areas. 

It also affords you a chance to take bigger risks and make big bets in new areas.

With the confidence and grounding that comes from being successful in one area, make sure that you won’t fail for long if you know that you are seeking failure as a path of growth.

Of course, one has to be commonsensical. It is not about courting failure like hitting your head against a wall or jumping off a cliff (I have done that by the way), but taking action despite knowing that what you are trying may not work and you might fail.

In most cases, your failure at this new thing will not be like a startup founder who fails every day, for weeks, for months, for years, again and again. And who someday reaches a tipping point and becomes immensely successful.

Your tipping point will come early even though your success may not be as big.

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