Are You Building a Startup or Something Else?

The following does equal to building a startup

Registering a company

Creating a logo

Launching a website or an app

Reading startup advice on social feeds

Calling yourself a startup (founder or CEO)

Giving talks and speeches in your founder avatar

Becoming a sponsor

Getting paid to be featured in publications

Attending virtual summits

Joining courses

This is what = startup

Talking to customers

Crafting and making an offer

Changing what you do or how you do if it does not work the first time

Making a profitable sale

Receiving cash

Testing your offer on a small group of customers

Raising prices once your offer validates

Building a repeatable sales process where those who don’t know you buy from your business

Investing in growth

Hiring employees to deliver the work

Building a lead engine (unless highly funded don’t invest in getting lead before you have a price that is profitable) 

Creating a system for 10% week-on-week growth (any slower and you don’t have a startup just a business – not bad about it – but a startup is a business designed for fast growth.

Good luck building your startup. 🙂

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