Will you recommend yourself?

Looking_in_the_mirrorOf course, most will reply. This is a human thing. People love themselves the most. Later comes life partner, kids anybody else.

Let us be more specific. Think of a business situation — will you hire and work with a person with your capabilities and attitude as a boss, colleague or client.

Enterprises — big or small — are an important part of world’s economy. They always have been. Only the form changes moving from big traders to factory model to knowledge economy.  An enterprise or a company runs on profits. It has to make profits if it wants to stay long enough in business.

What is a company’s route to profits? Providing a solution to a customer pain point, offer better solution than others in the marketplace for the same pain point; proper communication (branding and marketing); taking it out to market (sales channels — online, offline or both).

Who drives all these — finding pain point, delivering solution, communicating and getting stuff to market? Individuals – You and I.

Without competent individuals in a company, the company will not turn profits, and chances are, will struggle to stay in business.

Companies like SEMCO of Brazil have made a mark and thrived in turbulent economic environment because of individuals who continuously question the status quo, the way things are done; and continue to move into unchartered territories with courage, hope and success.

Going back to where we started. If you were a business owner or a supervising officer, will you hire somebody like yourself?

Will you work with somebody who struggles to deliver on time, goofs up at work often, smells bad, goes to client meeting without preparation, fails to meet reasonable targets very frequently, fails to connect,  somebody who cannot deliver work as per specs and to the satisfaction the receiving party.

Or somebody who is on time mostly, over delivers or matches the targets, speaks with a smile on face, is good to talk to you, easily comprehends and executes on what is expected of him.

The answer is simple for anybody with a little commonsense.

Businesses should work with people who care and who can deliver – a creative person capable of bringing new ideas to the design, a sales person who can revive a low-performing territory, and strategists who can find blue oceans and define a new course of action. Business also need front office executives who smile an lot and are courteous and housekeeping staff member who takes pride in looking at sparkling clean office floors. It is not about title it is about involvement, attitude and capabilities.

Agreed, nobody is perfect. But your capability is a mix of many traits not one. So of 10 traits — if you are good at 5, ok at 2-3 and even poor at 1-2; you will sail through a situation with flying colors and most of the people will be happy with you and your work.

Many a times, employees scoff at their bosses and business scoff at their clients for being unreasonable, demanding too much. Stop next time you do that and think about what we have just explored. If you are ready to recommend yourself then chances are there will be only a few people who can be unreasonable with you. For such people, take action, document your progress, share and let the results speak.

If you have an iota of doubt recommending yourself then go enrich yourself, learn new things, get new attire, work on your communications kills and be the person that you will recommend to yourself and it will make all the difference in the world.

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