Confused? Try this.

confusedThere are times when people get confused. In today’s world of information overload, plenty of options, lack of resources (time or money or both); lack of understanding of the topic on hand and rush for doing more in less time are the reasons that make people confused.

Whatever be the situation, following ideas may help. Of course you need to practice to get better at it.

Write: Writing or more specifically journaling is a very good practice to help get one in the zone, where you are just engrossed in what you are doing and nothing else. Start with writing the questions you want to get the answer to. For a student who is deciding the course of study for next couple of years the question will be what should I study? For somebody looking to buy a car — it will be which car to buy based on looks and money. Sometimes during the course of journaling, you will get the answer to your questions.

Read: If you are confused because of lack of information then the simple solution is to try to know more about the topic. Reading is one of the simplest ways to gain information. What you read can be a leading book on the subject or a good resource on the web. Be commonsensical about how much will you read? Invest time according to importance of the outcome. If you are reading for a big real project then it is ok to invest 10-20 hours. But if it is a class quiz then 1 hour is fine.

Interact: When you are confused because of fear of unknown then talk to somebody who has been there and done that. If you explore sincerely then you will find such persons in your extended network.

Take a break: If you are confused because of being in midst of options take a break. Need to take a decision on hiring. After interviewing the candidates just take a walk. Match your requirements and individual capabilities and take a call.

Do less: You get confused when you are trying to do too much. Work on one project, do email once a day, go shopping once a month, read only one book at a time and you will be a happier and relaxed person.

Think less: Eat whatever is available, wear whatever is comfortable, speak whatever comes to your mind, and write whatever you like (may be edit later). This may not be the best option but it sure is easy and sometimes easy is better than the best.

To a clear mind and pure heart.

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