For Website Content, Quality Is More Important Than Quantity, Especially for New Brands

I recently helped a brand in the UK publish a content hub with more than 75,000 words.

We modeled it on Backlino’s SEO Hub, which at 57,000 is an industry-leading resource.

We knew the value this could bring. So we committed to a massive effort that took a 7-member team across content creation, edits, dev, design, and project management months to execute.

For the uninitiated, Semrush, an industry leader in the search software space, acquired Backlinko in a multi-million dollar deal because of such high-quality content.

Back to the brand, we did this for – so this brand despite being very successful, has a low authority website because they hadn’t done much work on it.

Do this if you are in the same situation

When publishing content on a new website with low domain authority, publish a dozen or so high-quality, in-depth content pieces, usually 2-5k words.

This works better than publishing 100 small pieces in the 500-1k words range.

Why? Because for a new domain, a domain can’t help rank a page, and the in-depth content page has a better chance of ranking on its own than a thin content page.

And eventually, page-level authority helps domains too.

Once page authority becomes high, whatever one publishes on the site has better chances of ranking from day one. The impact increases as your brand site’s domain authority grows.

If you have launched a new brand or you run an established brand where you haven’t done much work on your website and want to do it now, start with a small number of in-depth content pieces.

This way your return on time and resource investment will be high.

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